Virtually There: The iBlog 7 Experience

I am a couch potato. I would rather sit in my bed and watch Bear Grylls in his adventures, rather than persuing the adventure myself.

I did not plan to attend this iBlog7 event. Manila is like 1050kms away. Although its only around a 1:45 minutes flight from Gensan, the cost, time and effort would have to be considered.

So the iBlog 7 was in Manila and I am here in Gen. Santos City. What would be the next best thing to do? Watch it “live” via

I got the link from Facebook. Janette Toral was streaming it live on her channel.

I did not have any appointments or anything significant to do on that weekend and so I tuned in.

I would not dwell on what was discussed but rather on my experience on “attending” it online.

You can have a gist on what was discussed in other blogs like that of Sarah Cada, or the iblog website. You can even view the streaming on miss Janet’s channel here. Twitter also has a lot of links, just type in the hashtag #iblog7.

Here is my virtual experience of iBlog 7.

First of all thanks to Miss Jannette Toral for the effort of streaming this event online.

The video as expected is not HD. That is too much to ask. Given a couple of years or so, maybe it could be realized.

The audio was also not that loud but with the proper headphone or in my case an in-ear earphones, I could easily hear all the voices and other noises inside the UP Malcolm Theater. (including the “chismis” near the source of the stream. Hahaha).

Miss Janet was also kind enough to pan the laptop around during the Q&A portion and during break times so I got the feel of being there and looking around. I got to see familiar faces like that of Winston, Fitz (who was a speaker on the 2nd day) and Don who waved at the camera and the other personalities who were also there. The most important part of course is virtually seeing the speakers on stage and tuning in to what they are talking about.

The signal was sometimes cut leaving the virtual audience to discuss anything via chat while waiting for the feed to come back. I have chatted with the likes of pinoyambisyoso, itot and earthlingorgeous (also a speaker) whom I have never met before.

Miss Janet also answered a few questions by the virtual audience while she was reading our comments. She talked to us once in a while which made me feel like really a part of the event.

I also got to laugh at the sometimes comedic remarks by the speakers as if I was there. I also felt the intensity of the Q&A specially the one’s asked by Mike Abundo. :)

Switching tabs between her justin tv channel and twitter made it more interesting because I can also read the feedbacks of people who were there. Twitting also made me participate in a way.

Searching online for the websites or personalities who were highlighted in the event was also convenient for me.

Best of all, I can go to the bathroom or grab a snack in between talks. I can lie down or sit or be in my pajamas while listening in.

I know that this event was not meant for watching online but for people outside of Manila who do not have the time to attend it in person, this is the next best thing.

This virtual experience heightened my interest in this event that as early as now, I am already preparing to attend the iBlog 8 in the flesh, wherever the venue may be.

Thanks once again for this informative and different kind of adventure that I have just encountered all in the comfort of my bedroom.

Cheers to the organizers specially Miss Janet. Kudos to you.

All in the comfort of my room

4 Responses to Virtually There: The iBlog 7 Experience

  1. sheng says:

    Nice TV! I missed this. Busy kasi!

  2. I am very thankful that you were able to join virtually at the event. Hope to see you at #iblog8 in person and perhaps share your experience too. :)

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